Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We are the authority

Corporations : "We must endure these difficult times together."
Civilians : "Easy for you to say. The value of a dollar is different between us."
Corporations : "To be successful, you must work hard."
Civilians : "Everyday we work like dogs, we should get more."
Corporations : "We provide jobs for you, and you'll get paid."
Civilians : "But our salary is too low. We want a raise."
Corporations : "We can raise your salary, together with the prices of some common items."
Civilians : "But then we'll need more salary hike."
Corporations : "We will also raise the prices of water supply, foods, electricity."
Civilians : "What's the point? It's all the same in the end."
Corporations : "Then we shall hire foreign labors who are willing accept lower salaries. You can stay home and relax."
Civilians : "That's not fair. We will ask the authority to take actions."
Corporations : "Don't you know? We ARE the authority."

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